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Stephen Beale 3.1: Website Tweaks and New Content

Web Design | Jun 8 2016

Visitors to this website may notice a few changes. The overall design is the same, but I have a new tagline—"Writer & Editor, Creative Explorer"—in keeping with my recently launched public Facebook page. I also updated the "About" section, made improvements to the slide show module and tweaked some of the code that underlies the site. Finally, I added a social media sharing button at the bottom of each blog post...

Stephen Beale 3.0: My New Website

Web Design | Mar 23 2015

Welcome to version 3.0 of my website. As with previous versions, the main goal is to provide information about my work as a writer and editor. But rather than creating static pages as before, I built the new site in a content-management system, and it now functions as a blog.

Many posts will point to my articles and columns on other websites, but I also hope to produce original content, mostly about software tools for creative professionals.

The new site uses a responsive design, which means the layout automatically adapts to devices with different screen sizes. If you’re viewing the site on a Mac or PC, you can see this for yourself by narrowing the browser window...