Introducing The Steampunk Explorer

If you’re wondering why this website hasn’t been updated in a while, now it can be revealed. On March 8, I launched The Steampunk Explorer, a new website billed as a “shopping, travel, entertainment and research guide for steampunk enthusiasts and creators.” It could also be described as a hybrid “National Geographic” and “Time Out” for the steampunk world. But it’s really my personal Maker project. Some people like to make goggles or rayguns or costumes. I like to make websites.

A major part of the site is a set of city guides listing local attractions and resources of interest to steampunks. It currently has 36 guides covering the largest U.S. metro areas, with more to follow later this year. I also plan to add locations in Canada and the UK.

The new website also has steampunk-related editorial content, including some articles originally written for this site.

As of the end of March, The Steampunk Explorer had drawn more than 6500 unique visitors and 42,000 page views, far more than this website even during its most heavily trafficked periods.

You can learn more about The Steampunk Explorer from the “About” page and this introductory post.

Both of my websites are personal ventures conducted in addition to my full-time day job. The “Stephen Beale” site will remain, but I expect it will be updated only sporadically. In the meantime, I welcome you to visit the new site and join me in my steampunk explorations.