Stephen Beale 3.1: Website Tweaks and New Content

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Visitors to this website may notice a few changes. The overall design is the same, but I have a new tagline—"Writer & Editor, Creative Explorer"—in keeping with my recently launched public Facebook page. I also updated the "About" section, made improvements to the slide show module and tweaked some of the code that underlies the site. Finally, I added a social media sharing button at the bottom of each blog post.

What do I mean by "Creative Explorer"? It reflects my dual interests in writing about creative tools—Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.—and in exploring creative works at places like Maker Faire and Clockwork Alchemy.

I relaunched this website in 2015, but updates have been sporadic. I hope to change that, with "visual tours" of interesting places/events and observations about creativity and other topics that catch my interest. What I can't run on the site, I'll post on my Facebook page, and you should continue to see my work on the HOW magazine website. However, I have a full-time day job, so don't expect an onslaught of content. I'll pick my spots, but I hope that what I do provide here will be worthwhile.

In the meantime, please "Like" my Facebook page to get updates in your newsfeed. Better yet, choose "See First" in the "Like" button menu to ensure that you don't miss any updates.

Update: Since I posted this, I've added a new page called "Stories" that contains summaries of my work for HOW and Bulldog Reporter. Those summaries previously appeared as separate "mini" blog posts on the home page.