My New Twitter Handle: @CreativeGuide

Monday, July 4, 2016
Steampunk Twitter

When I entered the Twitterverse several years ago, I figured my tweets would focus largely on my day job as editor of Bulldog Reporter's Inside Health Media. The obvious Twitter handles—"SteveBeale," "StephenBeale," etc.—were taken, so I chose @SteveBealeIHM. Most of the people I followed were health journalists, and many of the folks who followed me had some involvement in health media, either as journalists or as public relations professionals. But over time, most of my tweeting has been related to my work in the creative sphere: My posts on this website, my articles for HOW, etc. So now I have a new Twitter handle: @CreativeGuide.


One challenge in tweeting about Inside Health Media is that the content is behind a paywall, and there's no point in publicizing my IHM articles if no one can read them. So I wasn't all that active on Twitter and didn't amass many followers. With the new handle, I can focus my Twitter activities on the topics related to this website: graphic design, digital media, maker culture, steampunk and the technologies that facilitate creative expression. That's still a pretty broad umbrella, but it's not as unwieldy as one that would include health media.

As for why I selected "CreativeGuide," lots of handles that include "creative" were already taken, and "CreativeExplorer" exceeded Twitter's 15-character limit.

Obviously, the day job remains as my main activity, and I'll keep the old handle so I can follow what's happening in health journalism. But if you want updates on the latest creative tools and the people who use them, I encourage you to follow me @CreativeGuide.