Cosplay at Clockwork Alchemy and FanimeCon

Saturday, June 17, 2017

One of the big attractions at any fan convention is the cosplay, especially if you're a shutterbug like me. Cosplay, of course, is a contraction of "costume play," and for many players, it's more than just dressing up like a movie or comic book character. It's a form of performance art, and I've been impressed by how easily cosplayers will strike entertaining poses when a camera is present.

Here's a look at some of the costumed characters I encountered at the 2017 Clockwork Alchemy and FanimeCon in San Jose, plus some additional shots from the latter event. See my previous post for additional shots from Clockwork Alchemy.

I'm not exactly a manga or anime connoisseur, and didn't always recognize the characters the cosplayers were portraying. If you happen to notice any I've missed, feel free to send a note or post a comment on my Facebook page.

Update: Many thanks to Cassie Kalenda, Clara Blackheart, John R. Schmidt and Venita Coleman, who helped me identify some of the characters.